BCF offers Donor Advised Funds and more

The Boonville Community Foundation, an affiliate of the Community Foundation of Central Missouri, provides a very easy and cost-effective way to organize your giving through a donor-advised fund.

Donor advised funds are an attractive alternative to private foundations, offering more flexibility, confidentiality, and maximum tax benefits.  They are quick and easy to establish, and  inexpensive to maintain. You can donate cash, stock, or other hard-to-value assets, such as real es…

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Boonville Animal Shelter establishes new fund

The Boonville Animal Shelter announces the establishment of a new fund with the Boonville Community Foundation. The fund will be used to provide resources for animal care through the Boonville Animal Shelter, as well as to collect donations for a new animal shelter structure.

A new Animal Shelter in the Boonville community can better accommodate our community’s needs by providing additional space both inside and out for the animals and for the services required to care for them.


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Katy Bridge receives grant

The City of Boonville was successful in securing a Transportation Enhancement Grant that will provide significant funding for Phase 1 rehabilitation; including replacing the missing span and converting the first span of the Bridge to a pedestrian/bicycle walkway.

The Rehabilitation of the Katy Bridge is a joint project of the City of Boonville and Katy Bridge Coalition. The completed project will be a renovated and operational lift span bridge that will provide unique one-of-a-kind views …

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Why Boonville Community Foundation?

The Boonville Community Foundation seeks to improve the quality of life within our community by inspiring charitable giving, fostering partnerships, and connecting donors to the causes they care about most.

Donate Today

While we specialize in creating charitable funds for donors, you can also donate online today to some Boonville Community Foundation funds.