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Start A Fund

Establishing your own personal or family foundation fund is easy. Just follow these simple steps:
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You can meet our Executive Director and/or Board members. Check out our website. We can help bring to life what you want to accomplish.
Establish your fund. You can use a variety of different assets including cash, stock, real estate, personal property, and receive maximum tax advantages.
Start making gifts. Recommend gifts to charitable groups you already know—locally and nationally—or work with our staff to implement a giving plan, get educated, and see how you can best make a difference.

Other Types of Funds

Individual and Family

Donors often find that it is much easier to establish a fund with the Community foundation than to form their own foundation. We provide a mix of accounting and investment services, help connect you to local nonprofits and community needs, and free you to focus on making the biggest impact with your limited funds. Different people and families think about giving differently so the Community foundation has several ways for making a gift or establishing a fund so you can find the giving process that best suits your efforts.

Donor Advised Fund

Establishing a donor-advised fund allows the donor to actively participate in the grant making process by periodically recommending how to use a gift. The community foundation verifies that the donor’s recommendations are to a qualified public charity and processes all of the necessary paperwork related to the gifts. Grant awards are issued to charities in the name of the fund (or anonymously if the donor prefers), and contributions to the fund qualify for income tax deduction in the year they are made for the giver.

Field of Interest Fund

The donor instructs the Community foundation to use the available grant dollars in a particular program area, such as education, health, youth, the environment and so forth, rather than restricting the money to one organization. Field of interest funds are flexible enough to meet changing community needs in specific interest areas.

Designated Fund

The donor instructs the Community Foundation to pay available grant dollars to one or more specific named charitable organizations, usually in perpetuity. Donations are then sent in the donor’s name each year. The foundation monitors how donations are used to be sure a need always exists.

Scholarship Fund

Scholarship funds allow donors to invest in the community’s future and help deserving students—from pre-school to post-graduate—achieve their lifetime dreams. These funds provide support for individuals pursuing a training or educational opportunity. As part of the fund, donors can specify certain eligibility criteria.

Unrestricted Fund

The donor allows the Community foundation board of trustees the discretion to use available grant dollars for a broad range of community issues. This provides the foundation the opportunity to respond to changing and unexpected community needs that often cannot be anticipated at the time the gift is made.
Administrative Fees
This administration fee schedule applies to funds at the Boonville Community Foundation. The fees used exclusively to support our mission are your investment in public charity dedicated to helping donors whose charitable interests reach far and wide.

Funds range in size from a few thousand dollars to tens of millions of dollars. The fees stated are the annual fees; fees are charged to the fund monthly based on the average fair market value of assets. For newly established funds, the minimum annual fee is prorated over the remainder of the year.

Annual Administrative Fees (on the Market Value of Fund Assets)
$250 minimum fee
1.00% on the first $500,000
0.60% on the next $500,000
0.30% on the next $2 million
0.10% on the next $4 million
Flat 0.25% on funds $7 million and above

Funds may be charged for extraordinary direct expenses incur don behalf of a specific fund, such as commissions for the sale of contributed stock. The Boonville Community Foundation may request additional fees for extraordinary services such as special grant processing and review or other non-standard services.